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Safety Chucks and Special Solutions

The safety chucks presented here, are easy and simple to use and have the following advantages:

  • The basic version already comes as a wearing part exchange bearing.
  • The open mechanism slides and offers a lower crushing hazard, compared to flap bearing.
  • An optimal torque transmission

They are offered as flange or pedestal bearings and can be delivered with or without square gudgeon.

WISTEC safety chuck, flange bearingV1 and V2 are marking the easily exchangeable wearing parts

(picture 1)

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WISTEC safety chuck, pillow-block version, one-sided with journal for drive or break

(picture 2)

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It is possible to build more complex special constructions for clear defined process jobs. This example (picture 3) shows a half automatic winding system. It completes short rolls with the most variable length.

WISTEC winding systemImportant operations are managed by a foot controlled button (picture 3)

After the material web is clamped by the pneumatic shaft with leaves, it is ready to begin the winding process.

The web can be clamped easily, using a special designed leaf (picture 4)
The completed roll unmounts to the side, after the shaft relaxes. (picture 5)