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Pneumatic Shafts with LEAFS (Type S)

The design of these shafts is characterized by the dished leaves that transfer the clamping force. Those expand over a central tube, which makes it possible to spread the force over the full internal diameter of 360° to prevent deformation of the core.

WISTEC shaft for 70mm cores; 4 leaves of aluminum on the circumference (picture 1)

To clamp thin cores on a semi mounted shaft safely, it is advisable to use leaves with tread for better force transmission.

WISTEC shaft for 76mm cores; leaves profiled lengthways (picture 2)

The airshaft with leaves is a preferred type for coreless winding. Below is the basic principle of function: The product is inserted into the slit between a gripping leaf and a fixed leaf. This way, the web is clamped while the other leaves expand pneumatically. After the winding process is done, the leaves decrease back to their original diameter, which releases the web from the clamp.

WISTEC shaft with leaves; coreless winding version (picture 3)

To unwind bulky materials with varying thickness, the following solution can be used: The web is clamped between the expanding leaves and a stationary rod, which is positionable.

WISTEC shaft, special construction for coreless winding of foam webs;The stabilizing element for the clamping rod is easily removeable during the roll removal. (picture 4)

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