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Pneumatic Mechanical Chucks

If big torques, especially with shaftless unwindings and rewindings, are needed, pneumatic-mechanical chucks are used.

Additionally, they offer the following advantages:

  • 100 % centric clamping of the core
  • high winding speed is possible
  • a variability with the core diameters

The basic chuck has a piston cylinder combination that expands five mechanically controlled LUG's.

WISTEC basic chuck, e.g. For 70 and 76 mm cores (picture 1)

According to the required clamping force, the following basic types are made:

If you want to clamp different diameters, you can use an adapter.

WISTEC pneumatic mechanical chuck equipped with an adapter for 150/152 mm internal core diameter (picture 2)

Another possibility is the use of multistage chucks

Here you can find a dimension sheet: TYPE II-D

WISTEC pneumatic mechanical chuck for 70/76 mm and 150/152 mm internal core diameter (picture 3)

Pneumatic mechanical chucks, as well as the adapters, can be equipped with LEAF's. This makes them suited for application cases with sensitive cores.

WISTEC pneumatic mechanical chuck for 150 mm internal core diameter, four LEAF's on the circumference (picture 4)

Nearly all requirements can be met. Also, small core diameters can be clamped certainly and centrically.

WISTEC pneumatic mechanical chuck for 20 mm internal core diameter, three LEAF's on the circumference (picture 5)

All produced and available pneumatic mechanical chucks work after three principles:

  • pneumatic expanding – mechanical removing( by springs)
  • mechanical expanding – pneumatic removing – safety version
  • pneumatic expanding – pneumatic removing