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Pneumatic Expanding Chucks

Airchucks are often used as an adaptor. Mounted on shafts, they guarantee sure clamps of the shells.

Two WISTEC chucks as adaptors make it possible to use 150 mm shells with a 76 mm pneumatic shaft (picture 1)

The measurements of this WISTEC-Standard-Chuck are here.

A quick shell change is reached by a series connection of two or more chucks and by using a valve.

Series connection of two WISTEC adaptor chucks, robust version with LUG's for 150 mm and 6'' shells (picture 2)

According to the application case, nearly all diameters and versions are available

WISTEC pneumatic chuck for 76 mm internal core diameter,with mounting upon an 40 mm shaft (picture 3)

With large inside core diameters, technological borders hardly arise by the application of SLAT's.

WISTEC pneumatic chuck for internalcore diameters of 350 mm, 16 SLAT's on the circumference, mounts to a 40 mm square shaft. (picture 4)

The version with LEAF's is recommended if there is a small shell wall strength. This way, unwanted deformations on the shell can be avoided.

WISTEC chuck for internal core diameters of 7'' (177,8 mm)The five LEAF's have a good torque. Mountable to 76 mm shafts. (picture 5)

In flange mounted versions, shafts can be equipped onto a re- or unwinding station, working with-out axles.

WISTEC pneumatic chuck for 150 mm and 6'' internal core diameter. Flange mount version. The central bolting makes a quick switch to products with other diameters possible. (picture 6)

Other examples:

WISTEC pneumatic chuck for 76 and 150 mm internal core diameter, e.g. For the use in shell cutting systems. (picture 7)

WISTEC adapter chuck for 76 to 120 mm internal core diameter (picture 8)