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Mechanical Expanding Shafts

Shafts designed after the mechanical stretching principle guarantee 100% centrical roll mounting. The operational area is for high web speeds and / or low circular run-out tolerance. Thus, sensitive materials like metal foils can also be wrapped precisely.

WISTEC mechanical expanding shaft for 3" cores, completely equipped with TAMBOUR-bearings for a pilot machine in the paper manufctoring industry. webspeed > 2500 m / min. (picture 1 )

The activation of the shaft is done over a hexagon in the axle journal. This construction makes it possible to use all kinds of screw systems, primarily pneumatic screw spanners.

Activation by wrench over hexagon in axle journal (picture 2)

WISTEC Mechanical Shafts are produced in three designs:

  • Mechanical Shafts with lugs
  • Mechanical Shafts with strips
  • Mechanical Shafts with leafes