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Idler Rolls

We produce extremely light idler rolls out of the shown aluminium-profile pipes for many different uses.

WISTEC Idler rolls in measurements:
Ø 145 mm, Ø121 mm, Ø101 mm,
Ø81 mm, Ø60 mm
(picture 1)

WISTEC profiles: Measurements and Weights

In principle, there are two construction forms:

Rollers with inside bearings, rollers with firmly used plugs for an outside bearing

WISTEC Idler Rolls with inside bearing (picture 2)

All components, like surface state, round run tolerance, execution of bearing and lubrication, as well as constructive details of the continuous axis, can be set individually.

WISTEC Idler Rolls with outside bearing (picture 3)

For further information, click on the links to find data specifications